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The work ethic of teens these days

Those of us of the Gen X generation and older often pass judgment on the teens of today with statements like these: They have it so easy. They don’t know what hard work is. Where’s the work ethic? I’ve been … Continue reading

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My chat with an Asian porn star (PG-13)

I have a good friend and mentor back in Denver who happens to be of Asian descent. He’s a bright guy with an optimistic outlook with whom I connect about once a month to discuss careers, family and matters of … Continue reading

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Vintage baseball at America’s oldest ballpark: Warren Field, Bisbee, AZ

One of the things I love about living in Arizona is the virtually endless opportunities for watching baseball. One such example takes place each Spring in the town of Bisbee, not far from the Mexico border. On the south end … Continue reading

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An unexpected Spring Training experience

On the second to the last Saturday of the 2013 MLB Spring Training season I had a unique and unexpected baseball experience. My plan was to go to the Brewers – Angels game at Diablo Stadium in Tempe. I was … Continue reading

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Flossing Costco style

Thanks to Costco I have no reason not to floss daily for the next decade.

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Californians take kite flying to a new level

Ever been to the beach and seen those kite jockeys flying their stunt kites around? Not like this. Check out this amazing display of kite choreography that I witnessed in Huntington Beach last Saturday.

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The case for drones

Now wait, before you get all worked up about the title of this article, take note I’m not advocating drone strikes. In fact, I’m not even a big fan of drones that could carry out strikes. The purpose of this … Continue reading

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