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I underestimated Trump’s effectiveness

I think his presidency will look a lot a total home renovation for the first few years. Continue reading

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The work ethic of teens these days

Those of us of the Gen X generation and older often pass judgment on the teens of today with statements like these: They have it so easy. They don’t know what hard work is. Where’s the work ethic? I’ve been … Continue reading

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A lesson on how to stand behind your work

Does a guarantee really mean anything in this day and age? Think about it: When something goes wrong with an item you buy at a retail store, who bears the burden of proof? The consumer. What do you hear when … Continue reading

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Why a delayed fiscal cliff vote may have been good for the stock market

by @PaulFiarkoski Like most Americans, I have been utterly disgusted with the way our “leaders” in Washington have handled the vote on tax laws that make up the so-called fiscal cliff of 2012. Less than a week ago, we thought … Continue reading

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How I reduced my debt burden with an auto equity loan

by @PaulFiarkoski In December 2012 I called my credit union to ask about consolidating a loan we have elsewhere with a loan I already have at the credit union. The solution they offered surprised me: A cash out auto loan, … Continue reading

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Five keys to writing Craigslist ads that sell

by @PaulFiarkoski If you have you been thinking about trying to post something for sale on craiglist.com but have been hesitant because you don’t know how to go about it, read on. In 2012 I sold no less than two … Continue reading

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Tips for a productive household budget meeting

by @PaulFiarkoski After seventeen years of marriage and countless arguments over money, my wife and I recently got serious about getting out of debt. We’ve been following the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover program where you take a series of … Continue reading

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