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3 tips for drafting poll questions your readers can’t resist

Polls are a great way to engage your readers. While page view counts are a good indication of how many people made it to your page, polls help you gauge how many people are actually reading your content. And their … Continue reading

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How I sold my truck on Craigslist in 15 minutes

I won’t bore you with all the details leading up to the moment I decided to sell the truck I loved on Craigslist. Let me just say it was a painful process and a difficult reality that took me far … Continue reading

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Used car salesmen have fallen to a new low

My wife and I are in the market for a good, pre-owned vehicle, so we’ve been scanning the ads on quite a bit lately. Over the weekend we came across an ad for a car rental company that is … Continue reading

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3 reasons why MLB Opening Day should NOT be a national holiday

I have seen numerous pleas by Major League Baseball on social media asking fans to sign a petition that would make Opening Day a national holiday. As much as I love baseball, there are three good reasons why I feel … Continue reading

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3 things every indie author can learn from Walter Swan

There is a lesson all of us would be independent authors can learn from Walter Swan. I met Swan in December, 2013. Not in person. That would be tough since he passed away in the 1990s. I picked up an … Continue reading

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How to get the best deals of the year on Ebay

If you are a bargain shopper, your ship is about to come in. Four of the best bargain hunting days of the year on Ebay are just around the corner: December 24, 25, 31 and January 1. Here’s why: Ebay … Continue reading

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Tempe, Arizona Ironman Triathlon 2013

I heard that the Ironman Triathlon competition was being held in nearby Tempe today, so I had to have a look. I remember watching highlights from the Ironman in Hawaii on ABC’s Wide World of Sports when I was a … Continue reading

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