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January 20, 2017: Trump Inauguration Day

I think his presidency will look a lot a total home renovation for the first few years. Continue reading

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The work ethic of teens these days

Those of us of the Gen X generation and older often pass judgment on the teens of today with statements like these: They have it so easy. They don’t know what hard work is. Where’s the work ethic? I’ve been … Continue reading

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How to survive a midlife crisis on a budget

I’m closing in on 47 years of age and to date I have not had the midlife crisis I’m entitled to. I think that may have just changed. My midlife crisis was brought about by a transportation dilemma.  My oldest … Continue reading

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Why Costco blew more than $1,200 on a staple

I recently canceled my membership with Costco, about a month after paying the $55 annual membership fee.  Prior to that, I had been a member for more than eight years. I’m sure my family spent over $10,000 there in that … Continue reading

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How I sold my truck on Craigslist in 15 minutes

I won’t bore you with all the details leading up to the moment I decided to sell the truck I loved on Craigslist. Let me just say it was a painful process and a difficult reality that took me far … Continue reading

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How I got a new car motor for the price of an oil change

Recently I took my wife’s Jeep Wrangler into the shop for a routine oil change.  It was a couple thousand miles overdue and much as I despise the practice, I knew it had to be done. The engine had over … Continue reading

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Used car salesmen have fallen to a new low

My wife and I are in the market for a good, pre-owned vehicle, so we’ve been scanning the ads on quite a bit lately. Over the weekend we came across an ad for a car rental company that is … Continue reading

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