I underestimated Trump’s effectiveness

I underestimated Donald Trump’s effectiveness as President. On the day of his inauguration (January 20) in 2017 I wrote this:

I personally think Trump’s arrival in the White House is long over due. I think he’ll disrupt politics in Washington as we know it, yet I’m not overly optimistic that the changes he’ll make will have an immediate impact on most individuals in the short term. I think his presidency will look a lot a total home renovation for the first few years, and that we won’t necessarily begin to see the benefits until near the end of his first term.

In the same post, I published several key indicators of the state of the U.S. economy. Below are those figures, along with the comparable stat on the first anniversary of his inauguration.

Key economic indicators for Trump’s first year in the Whitehouse:

Oil (Brent crude bbl) 55.43 63.57 15%

 1/20/2017  1/20/2018  Change
 National debt (trillions)  19  20.6 +8%
 Regular unleaded gasoline (Phoenix)  2.07%  2.30%  +11%
 Dow Jones Industrial Average  19,827.25  26,071.72  +31%
 S&P 500  2,271.31  2,810.30 +24%
 NASDAQ  5,555.33  7,336.38 +32%
 Unemployment  4.80%  4.0%  -15%
 Inflation rate  2.5 %  2.0 %  -16%
 Gold  1,215.90  1,331.10 +9%
 Silver  17.22  17.02  -1%
 Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index  1,976.87  2,027.27  +3%
 30-year mortgage rate (AZ)  4.18%  4.00%  -4%
 Stafford in-school student loan  3.76%  4.45% +18%
 PLUS student loan  6.31%  7.00%  +11%

Last year, I also said this:

I pray that President Trump is the most successful president in our nation’s history. In order to do so, I feel he needs to stop trying to counter or justify every derogatory story released by the mainstream media. He should focus on what he does best – negotiating deals – for the benefit of the people of United States.

I hope that six months or a year from now when I come back to compare the state of the United States’ economy to the numbers above, I will be pleasantly surprised.

As to my last sentence above, I AM pleasantly surprised. Here’s why:

  • The stock market is up “bigly”
  • Many more people are employed than a year ago
  • Mortgage rates have dropped
  • Inflation has actually slowed down, which is rare with a booming stock market

I’m not a fan of President Trump’s seemingly heartless attitude. My guess is that he has a better heart than he’s portrayed as having by the media. He may not be helping the image of the United States abroad and I’m okay with that. To me, the fiscal state of our country is more important.

Sometimes I wish he had a 12-hour delay on his tweets, whereby every time he tried to tweet something it was held in a queue for 12 hours, then asked him if he really wanted to tweet it before it went live. That would probably help soften the perception people have of him.

I hope President Trump does as much as possible in his first four years to help get the country’s budget under control and help more people realize they, not the government, have the power to provide their own happiness. If he keeps up at this pace, he may not need a second term to Make America Great Again.

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