Route 66: Meteor Crater Arizona

One more place to add to my #AZ Bucket List: Meteor Crater

the grown up gap year

As I mentioned in a previous post, my favourite thing about a road trip is that you can pull over and stop whenever you feel like it.

In the past most of the travel I did was solo travel, so often I’d be watching from a bus window as interesting looking places flew by. But with the luxury of a car we were free to stop whenever we wanted on our US road trip. And on Route 66 there is a lot of stuff you want to stop for!

Area 51 Why wouldn’t you stop at this service station?

After spending the night in a wigwam, our first stop the next day was the Meteor Crater Arizona, the world’s best preserved meteorite site.

Wigwam Motel Waking up in a wigwam

Meteor Crater Arizona

And the Meteor Crater Arizona is our first stop of the day

I must admit that Mr A is a bit of…

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