Think small to save big with Keurig eco cups

I’ve had a Keurig single cup coffee maker for a while now – bought it on Craigslist for a couple twenties. I like the convenience and quickness of it, but the price of K-cups (about $.50 per serving) causes me to reevaluate the convenience from to time.

They sell these K-cup mini filters that you can put your own coffee. I finally bought one a few weeks ago and have put it to the test.

My take on the reusable K-cup filters
When I read the little booklet that came with the filter, it said to fill the cup no more than 2/3 full. They obviously have no idea how strong I like my coffee. I filled that baby to the rim. Weak! That’s what my coffee was.


I tried smaller coffee cups, on the GROUNDS that less water and more coffee would toughen up my coffee. No dice. Finally, I overcame my manly tendencies to ignore the instructions and tried it their way. Voila! The perfect (almost) cup of coffee.

Having taken some time to think it through, it actually makes sense. The water only has a few seconds to pass through the grounds and into my cup. When I put more coffee in the filter, I created a barrier to the water flow and restricted the brewing process.

Conclusion: Less is more when it comes to Keurig eco filters. Always follow the directions.

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