Cozi helps busy families keep it together

by @PaulFiarkoski

Rarely do I come across a product or service that I like so much that I write a review about it. Actually, this is my first time writing such a blog post. Don’t get me wrong, I use social media to read and write product reviews, but I typically do it on Amazon, Yelp, etc.; not on my own blog.

Cozi is so different it’s worthy of a special write-up. Cozi is an online calendar (and more) that families can use to keep track of each other’s obligations to be places.

Shown: one page of the Cozi interface.

As the kiddos have gotten more involved in school activities and sports, it has become much harder to know who’s turn it is to drive who to practice or school and where to be when. The matter is compounded by my and my wife’s individual obligations to the job, church groups, yoga and the like.

Cozi allows each of us to update the family calendar with our individual happenings right from our smartphones or pc. When you make a calendar entry you can designate which family members are affected and set up a text or email reminder that goes out to the family members who need to know with plenty of advanced notice. Recurring events are a snap to schedule.

In addition to the calendar, the family can keep a group shopping list. So if Tween 1 realizes we need milk or paper towels, she can put it on the shopping list. Then, when my wife or I pop into the store on the way home, we have our list ready to go.

Another cool feature is the journal. With it you can log special milestones for the family such as making the Honor Roll, loss of a tooth, surgeries, etc.

One of my favorite features of Cozi is that each week, an email summary of the upcoming week is automatically sent to your inbox. Now I can just print the week’s calendar on Sunday night and post it on the fridge so we have everyone’s happenings for the week at a glance.

I know this is the sort of thing that mommy bloggers typically write about but let’s face it, nobody feels the heat more when schedules collide than the dads out there. Cozi is helping our family keep it all together. Intrigued? Check out the video demo at and see if it might work for your family.

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  1. Hi Paul, This is Carol from Cozi. Thanks so much for sharing your family’s success at staying organized with the Cozi Family Organizer. We really appreciate the shout-out. And you are right; we hear from plenty of dads that want to stay on top of things just as much as moms – even if it’s just to stay out of hot water. 🙂 Thanks again – Carol

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