A Dad’s letter to girls around the world


As a father to two lovely and beautiful daughters I couldn’t agree more with the text in this post. I’ll be sharing it with my daughters and I’m sharing it with my followers in hopes more young ladies read it before its too late.

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Only the Brave: Harrowing tribute to 19 Granite Mountain hotshot firemen

Only the Brave is a Hollywood movie that tells the harrowing story and pays tribute to the 19 Granite Mountain hotshot firemen who lost their lives protecting the town of Yarnell, AZ from an out of control wildfire in 2013.

Last weekend, I hiked to the site where the men died. What a solemn experience. I posted some pics and a write-up of the experience on my AZ Wonders blog. Have a look…

Tokens of tribute left by visitors to the Granite Mountain fatality site

It takes a special person to fight fires; especially wildfires in remote mountainous areas. On June 30, 2013, Arizona lost 19 very special men in the Granite Mountain Fire near Yarnell. The tragedy gained nationwide attention and became the plot for the 2017 Hollywood movie: Only the Brave. In an effort to help others honor […]

via Granite Mountain Hotshots memorial — AZ Wonders

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Famous little blue shed of Rockport, TX

Yes! It’s the blue shed made famous around the world by storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski on August 24, 2017 as he broadcast the ferocious arrival of Hurricane Harvey from one of the car wash bays.

While a fury of building materials bounced and rolled by in the camera’s view as nearby buildings were torn to shreds, the LITTLE BLUE SHED stood firm and steady, suffering only minor abrasions as its witness to battle.

My sister lives in Rockport and she took this picture once it was safe to return back to town – about three weeks after being evacuated the day Harvey made landfall.

Update: I went to Rockport October 7 – 12, 2017 to help my family with roof repairs. I had to take my picture with the blue shed.


Sadly, the Rockport community has a long road to recovery ahead of it. Here are some pics of the devastation that remains more than six weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit.


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Superstition Mountain blooms

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Originally posted on AZ Wonders:
Just east of Mesa, AZ sits an awe-inspiring mountain range known as the Superstitions. Legends abound of gold stashes, including the “Lost Dutchman” mine that continues to attract zealous modern-day prospectors. Less legendary are the flowers…

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January 20, 2017: Trump Inauguration Day

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States today. There is still much divide in the country. Most notably, women and minorities are demonstrating their resistance to his taking office with massive, and in some cases, violent protests in Washington D.C.

I personally think Trump’s arrival in the White House is long over due. I think he’ll disrupt politics in Washington as we know it, yet I’m not overly optimistic that the changes he’ll make will have an immediate impact on most individuals in the short term. I think his presidency will look a lot a total home renovation for the first few years, and that we won’t necessarily begin to see the benefits until near the end of his first term.

Nevertheless, I wanted to log the current status of a few indices that we use to measure our economy in the U.S. so I have something to refer back to from time to time and gauge President Trump’s impact on the economy.

As of January 20, 2017:

  • National debt $19+ trillion
  • Regular unleaded gasoline $2.07 (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Dow Jones: 19,827.25
  • S&P 500: 2,271.31
  • NASDAQ 5,555.33
  • Unemployment 4.7%
  • Gold 1215.90
  • Silver 17.22
  • Copper 265.35
  • Oil (Brent Crude): 55.43 bbl
  • Barclays Capital US Aggregate Bond Index 1976.87 +0.55 (+0.03%)
  • 30-year mortgage rate (AZ): 4.18%
  • Stafford in-school student loan: 3.76%
  • Plus student loan 6.31%

I pray that President Trump is the most successful president in our nation’s history. In order to do so, I feel he needs to stop trying to counter or justify every derogatory story released by the mainstream media. He should focus on what he does best – negotiating deals – for the benefit of the people of United States.

I hope that six months or a year from now when I come back to compare the state of the United States’ economy to the numbers above, I will be pleasantly surprised.

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Mission trip to Rocky Point, Mexico

Nov. 21, 2016 – Yesterday I returned from a mission trip to a barrio in Rocky Point, Mexico. The work crew I was on built a nice little home for a single mom and her 5 year-old son. No plumbing or electricity, but still a huge step up in their living conditions.

As a result of the trip, I became more familiar with the great work being done by the folks at 1Mission. They’re bringing the awesome love of Jesus Christ to who people born into poverty by providing them with employable skills and giving them opportunities to earn a home by logging service hours for the mission.

What a great reminder of all that we have to be thankful for here in the U.S. It was a humbling honor to work alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ in a service act of of love for someone in need.


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Sedona West Fork Oak Creek Trail hike in pictures

This gallery contains 24 photos.

By Paul Fiarkoski On October 17, 2016 I finally checked the highly sought West Fork Oak Creek Trail hike off my Arizona bucket list. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are several thousand words for you to … Continue reading

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